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Can I add value to my home with render?

Are you after a cost-efficient way to add value to your home? There are many options you can choose from. However, render is especially effective in many cases. It will make your property look more aesthetically pleasing and refurbished. We can help, providing the first rate services you would expect from one of the top plasterers in Sheffield. Continue reading

Dealing with Artex ceilings

In the 70s Artex ceilings were all the rage in the UK. People would choose highly decorative patterns with swirls and textures. However, there has been a big change in tastes since then. Today the majority of people want sleek, smooth surfaces because they work better with contemporary interior designs. As some of the top plasterers in Sheffield, we get lots of questions about dealing with these ceilings. So, we want to offer some advice. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about plaster beading

Plasterers SheffieldWe offer a professional plastering service clients have been able to rely on for decades. Our people have the ability to render or plaster any surface. This includes the likes of external walls and interior ceilings. Due to the quality of our services, clients always receive the best value. We also ensure this quality by employing the most talented plasterers Sheffield can provide. Continue reading

Why is plaster better than plasterboard?

Deciding how to finish walls in your home can be a challenge. There are lots of options, including plaster and plasterboard. The first is often the better choice, even if it is more expensive. The extra cost can easily pay off with all the additional benefits. As the top plasterers in Sheffield, we want to take a look at why you should choose it. Continue reading

What do you need to know about plaster?

People can have a hard time deciding on the interior and exterior finishes for their homes. It can often be a case that there are too many options and it is hard to decide which to choose. However, plaster remains a really great choice for most properties. It can be an excellent investment, especially if you work with an expert like us. In fact, we give you all the benefits of working with the most reliable plasterers in Sheffield. Continue reading

The jobs you need to do before plastering

With plastering, for the best results, you have to invest time into preparation. This is something we know very well thanks to our thirty plus years of experience. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That is something you definitely don’t want with plaster. Luckily, you can avoid the risk by working with us. We have the most talented plasterers Sheffield can offer. Continue reading