What do you need to know about plaster?

People can have a hard time deciding on the interior and exterior finishes for their homes. It can often be a case that there are too many options and it is hard to decide which to choose. However, plaster remains a really great choice for most properties. It can be an excellent investment, especially if you work with an expert like us. In fact, we give you all the benefits of working with the most reliable plasterers in Sheffield.

What we want to do here is have a run through of a few things we think you need to know about plaster. This information will help to show you it is the right option for your property. So, let’s get started.

There are lots of options

In its basic form plaster is lime or gypsum, cement or sand, and water. The mix begins as slurry but will dry and harden, creating a solid layer. However, there are lots more options than these. You can also choose clay, Venetian, or even Moroccan tadelakt. They can include different ingredients that influence the colour and properties.

It is suitable for any building

Plasterers SheffieldOne of the great things about construction and architecture is the constant search for new materials. However, it does not mean that older ones and traditional techniques are no longer a good choice.

Plaster is a fantastic example of a technique for finishing walls and ceilings that defies age. While it is not as popular as it once was because of plasterboard, it is still a viable option. In fact, it can look fantastic in contemporary properties. In addition, it retains the original charm of older buildings. As the top plasterers Sheffield has, we can handle any kind of job in any property.

It is good for the environment

A lot of the focus of exploring new materials is the push to be more eco friendly and sustainable. Plaster ticks all the right boxes here. It is a natural material with no harmful additives or VOCs. It is also breathable and long lasting. Some materials like clay are also recyclable.


While some plasters may only take a single coat, high quality finishes often require several layers. It can be more time consuming and labour intensive, but the end results will speak for themselves. You will likely need the extra layers in hard to plaster areas like corners. Plus, the extra time and effort can reduce the risk of flaws like cold joints.


One of the drawbacks of traditional plaster is the fact it is not waterproof. You can have big trouble if there is a lot of moisture where you use it. However, that does not mean you can’t use it in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet spaces. All you need to do is choose the right type of plaster. There are options with a higher level of waterproofing thanks to additional ingredients in the mix.

Choose expert plasterers In Sheffield

If you are unsure whether plaster is the right choice for your property, or don’t know what type to choose, we can help. As a long standing specialist, you can rely on us to give you advice, recommendations, and more. Then, if you need a service, we can provide it. This could be new plasterwork or repairs.

So, why not speak to us today? You will get all the advantages of choosing one of the top plasterers Sheffield can offer. That includes great prices, quality materials, expert finishes, and much more.