Should I choose a plastic or metal trowel?

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During the last few years, there has been a major increase in the use of plastic trowels for plastering. What’s more, there is now a clear divide between those who prefer metal tools and people who favour plastic ones. So, which is best? In this post we will be discussing both types in detail to have a closer look.

Metal trowels

Plasterers SheffieldWe will start with the metal tools. More traditional plastering trowels are stainless steel. Thus, they are built to last. Usually, you will find yourself doing a bit more maintenance on them. If you look after them properly though, they will serve you well for years.

By default, any metal trowel shall be stronger than plastic ones. As a result, they are a lot less vulnerable to damage when you use them on site. The strength can also make it easier to work with heavier plasters.

Regardless of the reliability and strength, metal trowels are typically heavier when you compare to plastic ones. This can influence your ability to plaster walls the longer a project carries on for. For instance, plastering for three hours using a metal tool will be much more strenuous than using a plastic trowel.

However, you can depend upon metal trowels to provide consistency to your plastering. They have managed this for decades. Although, due to the rising popularity of plastic trowels, alternatives exist to help you take plastering work to the next level.

What makes plastic trowels attractive?

These are lighter and more flexible tools. Plastic trowels are better for those who need a tool that is easier on the body during plastering. Most people who have switched over to them have done so due to the lighter weight. Since there is less weight, you don’t need as much effort to plaster a wall.

A large array of plastic trowels now exist on the market. They can suit nearly any requirement. Just make sure you choose one that will suit how you like to work.

There are cons to these tools as well though. Since the material isn’t as sturdy, they are more vulnerable to damage when you use them. This is particularly true when you are going over beads.

It goes without saying that you should not see the plastic trowel as a full-on replacement for metal ones right now. They were specifically designed to assist with the finishing of a ceiling or wall. Saying this, using one is well worth the time as it could match your plastering style. If it proves its worth, the plastic tool will make things easier.

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