Watch out for four main plastering concerns

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A very common material

Plasterers SheffieldPlaster is one of the UK’s most popular materials for internal and external surfaces. It is a great choice because it’s simple to work with, easy to repair, and relatively inexpensive. It won’t last indefinitely though. Eventually, it is going to show signs of damage, or general wear and tear.

You might find that your plaster walls and ceilings are developing problems with age. It pays to understand what kind of issues can happen and how to overcome them. Read on to discover some of the most common plastering concerns.


Firstly, we have discolouration in the plaster. This can be an indication that you have a property suffering from water damage. You need to resolve the leak first. The next thing to do is contact an expert plastering team to tackle the problem.

Before that though, you need to know how to identify discoloured plaster. Examine your walls and ceilings for brown stains. They are normally an early sign that there is water damage. You can attempt to introduce a stain blocking paint primer to block the stain away. But a safer option would be to have professionals like us look at the stains. Please talk to us if you need the finest plasterers Sheffield has available.


The next issue we will go over is bubbling plaster. We already spoke about brown stains as indicators of water damage. Once the leaks start affecting your plaster, there could also be bubbles. After a few days, the bubbling will begin bulging out.

This complication can sometimes appear without any warning signs whatsoever. The moisture on the ceilings and walls is likely to be causing the issue. As a result, you will have to dry it out immediately. You can have experts examine the roof and ceiling to rule out structural deficiencies.


You may encounter a whitish crystalline material on the exterior of your walls. If you do, this is efflorescence. It appears because of the unburnt salt you find in sand, cement, brick, and lime. The soluble salts soak up moisture from the atmosphere when your walls dry out. The moisture trickles through the pores. Next, it is deposited in patches in the shape of white crystalline.

It is possible to manage efflorescence by repeatedly dry brushing and washing. This will only work to an extent though. It will also depend on the climate.


A hole doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to the structure or plaster. However, you should still fix them so they cannot get any worse. The danger manifests when holes expose insulation or wires in the walls. Thankfully, fixing a hole isn’t difficult. You can often get by with some filler. If it is particularly bad you may need a new coat of plaster.

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