Everything you need to know about plaster beading

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When you install plasterboards, angle and edge beads are often necessary to reinforce edges or corners. This allows you to produce a smooth finish. For example, you may need beads around support beams, stairwells, windows, and doors. Beading aids you in protecting plasterboard edges from daily wear and tear.

In this post, we want to discuss several beading items so you know what to look for.

Angle beads

Also referred to as corner beads, these generate a smooth edge when plasterboards meet one another on exterior corners. These are long strips of plastic or metal. There is also a centre line and two wings on the sides. They attach to both plasterboard sheets, producing a perfect corner at the join. Angle beads exist in a myriad of lengths. Usually, you can find them between 2 and 3 meters.

Edge beads

At times, we call these stop beads. Their purpose is to reinforce plasterboard edges when they are close to a different material. This includes suspended ceilings, exposed stone walls, and wooden door frames. Edge beads are long strips with hooks capable of attaching to the edge of a piece of plasterboard. They aid you in protecting the edges and let you plaster carefully up to a seam. Your walls will end up with a professional look. Edge beads normally come in 3m lengths.

Installing angle beads

As the top plasterers Sheffield has, we know what to do here. You can use several methods to get a good finish. Before installation though, you need to measure and cut your bead. Select the necessary length and employ some strong scissors or tin snips to cut in from either side. Do this before breaking it in the middle. The edges of angle beads are frequently too open. This means it is a great idea to pinch them to retain a 45ยบ angle.

Staples, screws, or nails let you secure angle beads to your plasterboard without needing adhesives. It is not advisable to use the latter since they can usually pull the corner away from the centre. Nails are also hard to remove.

Screws permit a more precise installation. However, you will have to insert them deep enough so that they make a depression in the angle bead. This will make sure that your screws aren’t visible through your plaster after applying the coat.

Staples are the common choice with plasterers, but you will require a robust staple gun. The advantage here is it is easy to remove staples, letting you alter the angle bead to ensure careful positioning.

Another thing you can try is adhesive plaster to attach angle beads to plasterboard corners. Here you need to mix water and plaster, producing a thick mixture. Use it to make dabs every 4cm on both of the corner’s sides. Afterwards, just press the angle bead onto the corner. This should push any excess plaster out. Then use a trowel to scrape it off.

Installing edge beads

As opposed to angle beads, you need to fix edge beads to plasterboard before attaching the panels. You must fix them to a solid wall or stud wall with adhesives. Firstly, you need to cut them to the necessary size using tin snips.

You can affix edge beads using the same methods as angle beads. Ensure that the longer size is on the back. As for the smaller hook, it must be on the face. They are simpler to straighten since you can merely hold the edge bead firmly in position against the plasterboard edge.

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