Dealing with Artex ceilings

In the 70s Artex ceilings were all the rage in the UK. People would choose highly decorative patterns with swirls and textures. However, there has been a big change in tastes since then. Today the majority of people want sleek, smooth surfaces because they work better with contemporary interior designs. As some of the top plasterers in Sheffield, we get lots of questions about dealing with these ceilings. So, we want to offer some advice.

Can you remove them?

The easy answer here is yes. There are a number of water based products that you can apply to dampen the Artex. Or you can use a steamer similarly to how you would tackle wallpaper. Once it is damp you can gently scrape the decorative coating off. If you are careful here you can get a relatively smooth surface and may only need to paint it.


In some cases there can be an alternative solution here. This would be to skim the surface over the Artex. A DIY technique for this recently went viral. It is something you could try yourself, but there is a risk it may not get the best results. Sometimes it is better to invest in a plasterer to do it. We can offer great services here, giving you the benefit of working with the best plasterers in Sheffield.

A big health concern

Plasterers SheffieldHowever, you should not rush into doing anything to the ceiling. The Artex is not the same as normal plaster. Originally the manufacturer would add white asbestos to the mix to make it stronger. Any coatings from before 2000 have a good chance of containing it. Even those from after this point may do, depending on when the materials were made.

The problem here is that asbestos is a major health risk if you disturb it. That will certainly happen with the standard removal. Because of the hazard, it is important to test the ceiling first to make sure there is no asbestos. If there isn’t, you can remove it freely.

If there is asbestos in the Artex you can still choose removal, but it is a tricky process. A professional should handle it. In some cases they will even need a license. They must ensure they don’t leave any behind on surfaces or in the air. Plus, any waste has to be collected and disposed of safely as hazardous waste.

Choose expert plasterers in Sheffield

G Lee Plastering knows how important nice ceilings are to interior designs. We work to provide them by offering smooth, high quality finishes. Whether it is the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any other space, we make them look sleek and perfect.

So, if you want to arrange a fantastic service with top plasterers in Sheffield please contact us. We can provide quotes, advice, and more.