Common plastering accidents and mistakes

Plastering is a delicate process and always looks best when you choose professionals to handle it. Our team has been excelling in this field for many years. We have all the knowledge and equipment to do a first rate job every time. The services we provide are high in quality so clients gain the best value from them.

Mistakes often occur during plastering work. These include small errors that can develop into massive complications. Additionally, there is the possibility of workplace incidents. Some accidents and mistakes appear more commonly than others though. In this post, we are going to discuss them in more detail.

Insufficient preparation

Plasterers SheffieldAs the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. A missed step or a few mistakes can alter the way a surface looks like. Preparing a room can include scraping excess adhesives and wallpaper from walls. You may also need to take some time filling holes and scrim taping joins and cracks. A minimum of one coat PVA will help too.

You can argue that these are small jobs. But, cutting corners here can result in complications appearing in the future. This can lead to the possibility of extra work to fix everything. The better the preparation and the more careful you are, the greater the final result will be.

Using out of date plaster

You might think it is okay to use the half a bag of plaster you have from a previous job. But, it could have gone out of date by a day or two. If it has, the finish may not turn out correctly. Some wriggle room can exist, but it is definitely not worth the risk.

The thing to remember is out of date plaster can mix and apply ok. As it dries though, it can turn hard and lumpy instead of smooth. It typically dries more rapidly as well, making it tricky to work with when doing multiple coats. If you use out of date plaster, you might end up scraping it all off and using a new bag anyway. It will be worth it to spend more money on a new bag.

Falls, trips, and slips

As with various building trades, plastering needs many pieces of equipment. That includes ladders. Working on a ceiling may even demand the use of stilts. Everything here lends itself to a higher danger of slips and falls. Additionally, there is a greater danger inhabitants of the building could slip or trip and fall due to things being left around. This makes having an excellent public liability policy and Employer’s liability insurance mandatory. If you want things to go smoothly, work with the most talented plasterers Sheffield has to offer.

Using the wrong tools

Insufficient or cheap tools can have a considerable impact on how plastering turns out. People do say that a workman should never blame his tools. But, in the case of smooth finishes on walls, they actually can be at fault. We are not saying you should go out and purchase every expensive tool you can find. Rather, you should invest more in your tools rather than going for the cheapest option. This will make the difference when it comes to the quality of work.


Unfortunately some people do rush jobs, no matter the trade. In some cases they underestimate the scale of the job or something will occur that will lead to everything taking more time. Rushing is never a good idea though. It can lead to the silliest errors. When you rush, you can forget things and end up doing a lacklustre job.

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