Why you should look into rendering your property

At G Lee you will find the plasterers Sheffield residents can turn to for excellent results. We offer a range of services including rendering so choose us next time you need any work.

Why render a property?

Typically when you walk down a street, you see a mixture of different properties. There will be some old, some modern, those with exposed brick, and others with render. If you wonder why some people choose rendering for their property, it is due to the various benefits.


The main reason for rendering properties is generally to improve the looks. The addition of a layer of render can transform old walls that look shabby to make them look brighter and better. Applying a coat to painted brickwork can also be great so that you don’t have to paint the bricks every few years.

There are some properties out there which use different brick types and those with wear that has occurred over years of exposure. When you add a render coat, you can make your property look completely different. You can choose which you would prefer, whether this is a smooth uniform finish, Tyrolean, or pebbledash.

Thermal performance

Rendering adds a sort of barrier onto the outside of your property. As well as protecting the underlying brick, this provides an insulating effect. The result is even more effective with a full external wall insulation system. This will reduce energy bills and keep your home warmer.


Plasterers SheffieldA lot of people render their homes to help deal with penetrating damp and water ingress issues. There are some forms of brick which are prone to damp when you expose them to the elements for long enough. Water can move through solid brick and into your home, ultimately causing numerous problems. By adding render, you are creating a surface that will stop water from being able to move into the property.

There are a few great reasons you should look into rendering your property. It is an investment that will last, so call us today for professional assistance. As the plasterers Sheffield relies on, we can help with many things including applying high-quality external render.