How the experts get a smooth finish with plaster

Whether you are skimming a wall or plastering a ceiling, it is likely you will want a smooth and flat finish. As the expert plasterers Chesterfield trusts, we can provide you with results that look great.

Skimming, sometimes referred to as top coat plastering, can be a very difficult job. It is easy enough to get it on the surface, but the hard part comes from trying to get it smooth. This is why you should always call a professional in the trade as they know how to do this.

Experience and skill

A lot of people will decide to try and plaster a surface for the first time. One of the biggest problems they face is not realising how fast top coat plaster will go hard. As soon as you lay on the first coat, you will need to trowel it up and apply the second coat. Timing is very important with skimming as trying to work too quickly or too late can leave you with terrible results.

Another area where plastering goes wrong for a lot of people is mixing. You need to make sure that the plaster is a creamy, thick, and slightly sloppy consistency without lumps. After applying it to the walls with swift and smooth movements, you will need to trowel it to make it smooth.

A professional plasterer

A well intentioned attempt at DIY plastering can cost you a lot to put right. As a result it is worth calling in a professional the first time around.

Plasterers ChesterfieldThere are a lot of situations where you might need to plaster a surface. If you are looking for first class results, give G Lee Plastering a call. We will take care of everything, including cleaning up the mess so that you can enjoy your freshly plastered space.

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