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Some ways to get smooth walls without plastering

One of the major issues with painting your walls is it can reveal any imperfections. Things like holes and cracks can be obvious after a fresh coat. However, you may not want or have the budget to invest in professional plastering services. Luckily, we can advise you on ways you can get smooth walls without them. If you do decide to get a service though, choose us and work with the most reliable plasterers in Sheffield. Continue reading

Be careful when plastering a bathroom

In the past the majority of a bathroom would be tiling. You could find it up entire walls, all the way to the ceiling. It could even be on the floor. However, there are many more options today. Some people choose decorative wall and ceiling panels. Others will choose plaster. We want to look at the latter specifically. Then, if you need services from the top plasterers in Sheffield, you can choose us. Continue reading

Can you plaster over tiles? Should you?

Tiles can be one of the most impressive ways to decorate walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. However, like everything they won’t last forever. In time you may need to look at redecorating. This presents the consideration of what to do with them and leads to two questions; can you plaster over tiles and should you? We want to give you some answers here, then if you need plasterers in Sheffield, you can rely on us. Continue reading

Should I use plaster or plasterboard?

With home improvements, you have to make many decisions. Relining a wall presents two choices; you have to pick between plaster and plasterboard. If you are aiming to repair an old wall, repair damage, or renovate your property, you will want to know about them. Our intention is to examine both options to see if there is a clear winner. Then, if you need the best plasterers in Sheffield, you can come to us. Continue reading

The time it takes for plastering to dry

There are many common questions relating to plastering. One of the most frequent is about the drying times for this material. You will be surprised to hear that the answer isn’t as simple as you’d expect. There actually isn’t a definitive time. Many factors affect plaster drying times. We are going to look at the topic in more detail below, then you can come to us if you want the best plasterers in Sheffield. Continue reading

The right way to plaster old houses

Plastering an older house is a daunting prospect to some. But, it is vital to preserve the charm and integrity of these properties. Many houses from pre-1950 possess original plaster walls. They demand special attention and care with maintenance and repairs. You could be aiming to repair a small crack or fully re-plaster a room. Whatever the case, the information we have will teach you all you need to know here. Plus, you can come to us for services from the best plasterers in Sheffield. Continue reading