Taking care of plaster requires the right knowledge

Plaster is one of the UK’s most popular construction materials. It is a cost effective and easy to work with substance. Like everything else though, it doesn’t last forever. At some point, you are going to see signs of wear and tear. What we want to do is discuss the best ways in which you can care for your ceilings and walls. To do this, you need to know what problems you can encounter and how to solve them. Read on to learn more, then contact us if you want help from the best plasterers in Sheffield.

Cracks in plaster

Plasterers SheffieldFirstly, we have cracks. They are the most common problem with plastered walls and ceilings. If you leave one, a crack can become a larger issue later. They might simply be a sign of ageing. Or, there could be a bigger problem at play here. This is why you must examine the nature of each of them. You can figure out whether fixing it via DIY is possible or if you need an expert. If a crack begins growing, you’ll need professional help.

Sticking with the theme, you must be aware of the dangers delaminating cracks present. Compared to hairline ones, these are larger. They are warning you that the plaster is shifting away from the lath.

If you witness plaster pulling away from the wall or ceiling, it will probably fall away entirely. There is even a chance it’ll crash down on top of everyone in the property. There can also be damage to any expensive objects underneath too. If you wish to preserve the structural integrity of your walls and ceilings, contact the greatest plasterers in Sheffield.

Discoloured plaster

Discolouration is typically telling you that there is water damage in your property. Check your walls and ceilings for brown stains. Should you find them, you will know that there is potentially a leak. The safest approach would be working with our team. So, let us know about this at the earliest convenience.

Bubbling plaster

Brown stains aren’t the only indicators of water damage. As the volume of water builds, you may notice bubbling where the plaster will begin bulging out. This problem can appear without any warning. You will have to dry it out ASAP, but it is most important to resolve the cause. This could be a hole in the roof or a leaking pipe. Ultimately, you may also need to replace the plaster.


Holes in plaster can come from something hitting or bumping into the material. They don’t necessarily pose a risk to the structure. The danger occurs when the holes expose insulation or wires within the walls. Even so, you should get repairs to stop them getting worse. They generally aren’t difficult to fix thankfully. Often it just takes some filler.

Plasterers in Sheffield that clients love

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So, if you’re interested in working with the finest plasterers Sheffield has, give us a call. We can tackle all kinds of problems and deliver stunning finishes.