Don’t put up with dated artex

There are several times when plastering is necessary. This could be redecorating, a new build, or another of many possible situations. We are the plasterers Sheffield residents can call for help with this. We always offer top quality services.

A Dated Finish

Artex refers to a textured surface which commonly is a round or dimpled pattern. While it is the name of a product, people use this as the term to describe similar products.

Artex was very popular in the 70s and 80s. You are likely to find it on the ceilings or walls in homes from these periods. However, this finish is now seriously outdated and a feature that many people dislike.

There are some people who choose to hold onto their artex ceilings. This should be a style choice; you shouldn’t think that it is something you have to deal with. Removing this finish is easier than most people realise.

A new finish

The team at G Lee has a lot of experience with removing artex. We can install plasterboard over it, creating a base on which we apply a coating of bonding plaster to help create a surface that is smooth. After this, PVA glue seals it for a great surface you can paint or decorate on.

Only a professional in the plastering trade should tackle this kind of job. It can be incredibly hard to get a smooth finish when you lack the necessary skill set and equipment.

plasterers SheffieldOur team always completes jobs to an excellent, professional standard. This means that from the beginning to end, we are courteous and friendly. We are also dedicated to outstanding levels of customer care. When we complete our work we will ensure that the space is tidy and clean.

Check out our site for an insight into our work as the plasterers Sheffield enjoys relying on. You can call on us for all kinds of service, from dealing with artex to exterior rendering. We would love to hear from you if you have a query or want to discuss our services.