Health & safety basics for plastering

You should not ignore health and safety in any profession. Even the plasterers Chesterfield loves to use need to take the right steps to stay safe on the job. There are those who see this as time consuming and annoying. However, it is an essential practice and one we take very seriously.

It is crucial that you take your time to consider the potential dangers from the task at hand. While plastering isn’t a risky profession, it still has its dangers. You will find some safety tips below.

Take Care & Keep Safe

A lot of plasterers use special protective equipment. This can include odour masks, eyewear, and shoes suitable for moving on ladders. The PPE greatly reduces the risk of injury.

When plastering, there might be other tradespeople carrying out jobs near where you are working. As a result you need to think about their safety as well as your own.

A lot of plastering work involves heights. Whether the job is for the ceiling or to reach the top of a wall, stability is vital and helps keep risks minimal. To begin with, make sure the ladder you are using is high quality. It should be on a base which is stable and level before you climb it. You also need to be careful of your positioning; don’t lean too far or overstretch.

Leave It To Us

Plasterers ChesterfieldYou might be thinking about taking on a plastering job on your own. This could involve a great deal of work and mess. You have to take care to ensure that you are safe throughout the job. You also need to create a finish that looks great.

If you are looking for an easy solution, it could be as simple as a phone call to the plasterers Chesterfield relies on. We can discuss your needs and take on the job with excellent standards of work in mind as well as health and safety.

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