What is skimming?

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Plastering is a trade which requires people to use the right techniques and tools. You should hire an expert when you first need work and not attempt it yourself. This is a much better option than spending your time and money and then potentially having to call a professional anyway to rectify poorly completed plasterwork.

What Is Skimming?

Whereas plastering is the name of the trade, skimming is a technique used for this work. Typically, plastering is for creating a new surface. Skimming is for old ones such as making an existing finish look smoother.

Skimming involves the application of a thin coat of plaster to create the ideal surface for painting and decorating. Someone with the right level of training and experience can achieve a high grade finish.

A skim layer is perfect for going over the joints between plasterboards and across the entire surface. This will help with the creation of a continuous, flat surface without any sign of the joints. The result will be a flat, glossy appearance.

A Beneficial Craft

Plastering is a traditional trade that is still very important. It is used to make the structure more durable and conceal the masonry. This acts as a canvas on which you can add the colours and textures that you want to.

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