The difference between plaster and render

We are the team of plasterers Chesterfield can count on for excellent quality work that is affordable. In addition to this though, we offer great customer care. We take on projects involving different work like plastering and rendering. These both involve covering walls; however there are differences between them. The main one is the material strength.


People use rendering to coat the exterior walls of a building. The result will be a more aesthetically pleasing facade with added protection and waterproofing. Render consists of cement, sand, bonding agents, lime gypsum, colouring, and drying additives. More cement creates a tougher finish and finer sand results in a smoother look.

There are various methods and tools to apply render depending on the finish you want. This could be smooth and flat or textured. You should use a professional plasterer if you are looking to add rendering to the exterior of your home. This is because it takes the right skills and qualifications if you want a professional result.


Plaster contains less cement than render and is for interior walls and ceilings. This provides a smooth surface on which people can paint and wallpaper. You must let it set and dry before you do any decorating though. Fresh plaster can take around a week to dry. In some cases though, it can be up to a month. You can see tell it is dry when there are no dark patches and instead, the wall is one light colour.

Plasterers ChesterfieldYou need to consider the number of layers when looking at the time it will take for your plaster to dry. This is along with the weather and temperature in the property. Opening doors and windows will help increase natural ventilation which is important for drying. Give it time because if the drying process is too quick, it will crack.

Here at G Lee Plastering, we have a team of skilled experts who are more than happy to take on various jobs including plastering and rendering. You don’t have to worry about finding tradespeople you can trust when you call on us. Enquire now if you would like a quote for work by some of the best plasterers Chesterfield could hope for.