Avoid a DIY plastering disaster

With a call to us, you will be able to speak to the plasterers Chesterfield can use if they want to end up with a brilliant finish. We complete numerous jobs and will always tidy up afterwards so that you can enjoy your space.

A Job You Should Not Attempt

When you look around your home, there are many jobs that a DIY enthusiast can complete. Some take more skill than others, but there are plenty you can do successfully. For example you might lay tiles, put up shelves, and fit doors.

Professionals know that plastering is a DIY job people often attempt. Sadly, it almost always ends up producing sticky and messy results. It might look easy when you see tutorials on the internet but this is far from the truth.

A Plaster Disaster

Professional plasterers go through years of training. They also build up their experience so that they can become very skilful. You need to be able to create a smooth surface whether it is on a wall or a ceiling. It goes beyond this though as you need to understand the different types of plastering and the right level of care they need. There are also parts of the job that are more difficult than others, such as breaks in the wall and corners.

An Expert On Your Side

Some of the most common mistakes from DIY work are:

Plasterers Chesterfield• Plastering on a surface that is too porous
• Not using the right tools
• Failing to prepare the wall before beginning
• Mixing the plaster badly
• Having trouble with awkward spots like corners
• Not taking enough time and then not letting it dry properly
• Taking too much time
• Not finishing the plaster the right way

You won’t have to worry when you contact G Lee Plastering. This way, the job will be done to amazing standards the first time around. As a result, you won’t have to waste money on a failed attempt. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, the plasterers Chesterfield enjoys working with time and time again.