Advice on painting new plaster

A home is the biggest investment most people will make in their life. With this in mind, when you need to complete any work, you should call on experts. As a result, you can ensure you get a great service. If you need plastering, we are the leading plasterers Sheffield is home to. We will make your walls and ceilings look amazing.

If you are going to plaster your walls, you are likely thinking about painting them in order to create a brilliant finish. Below, we have some advice to help you make the surfaces look fantastic.

Seal the plaster

It is important that you seal the plasterwork so that it is less absorbent. This will allow the topcoat to adhere better. A lot of people seal their new plaster with a watered-down emulsion which is known as a mist coat. This works because your plaster will suck up the water and then become less absorbent. Once you apply the mist coat, it will be easy to see where you need to fill.

Clean the mess

It will be very messy if you are going to work with watered-down emulsion. The reason for this is that it drips a lot more than standard emulsion does. You need to be careful and quickly wipe, roll, or brush any drips away so that you do not end up with a poor finish.

You should use a watered-down white emulsion for your mist coat if you are going to use a white topcoat. This will stop you from needing to do more coats than necessary.

A flawless plaster finish

plasterers SheffieldPlastering takes hard work and the right skills to be able to achieve the best results. Far too often, people underestimate this task and attempt it alone. This produces a messy and uneven surface that will need to be fixed by a professional.

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