Why is my render cracked?

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Exterior plastering, also called rendering, defends buildings in multiple ways. To begin with, it insulates the property against extreme temperatures. In addition, it weatherproofs your bricks. It gives an extra layer to make sure the walls stay durable and dry. But, cracks in the render produce vulnerabilities. That increases the risk of crumbling brickwork and damp.

Minor foundation movements

You are probably wondering what causes the cracks. It tends to be due to minor movements in the foundations. These are entirely normal and are the result of changing temperatures. When it is cold the ground contracts. Then in hot periods it also expands. Due to the minute movements, hairline cracks can appear in your render. Cement render is typically more vulnerable than lime; this usually breathes alongside the house.


Plasterers SheffieldIf you are wondering if cracks in render cause damp, the answer is yes. They permit water to enter and this can leave it trapped between your brickwork and render. Sadly, in most cases the moisture is eventually going to soak into your interior brickwork. Penetrating damp could be the result.

There are numerous signs you need to look out for that tell you this might be the case. Watch out for black mould on certain areas of the wall. Stay alert for damp patches that become worse in wet weather too. If your plaster feels damp when you touch it and is crumbly, this is another bad sign. Finally, there could be a damp odour in your property.

When should I tackle the problem?

The ideal time to deal with this issue would be when you start noticing hairline cracks. We recommend working with professionals like ourselves. Ours are the most skilful plasterers Sheffield has available. We can diagnose the issue and provide cost effective solutions. Hairline cracks aren’t a complex matter to handle. They just need sealing to make certain that moisture is unable to get between the render and walls.

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