Plastering in hot weather in summer

Many people think the summer will be the best time for plastering work, especially outside of properties. However, when it is really hot and dry it can actually cause problems and make the job harder. As the top plasterers Sheffield has, we want to take a closer look at this. It can help people to ensure they get the best services this summer.

What is the issue?

Plasterers SheffieldThe thing to keep in mind is that plaster needs water to trigger the chemical reaction that gives it the original set. It also plays a vital role in the curing, hardness, and finish. If there is not enough water or the temperature is too high, it can cause problems. Then there can be issues if the cement itself is too hot or the ambient temperature is too high.

Insufficient water in the plaster mix can make it much harder to work the material and apply it to walls. In warm weather you need to ensure you are using enough. A good tip is to pour it freshly rather than having a bucket of water. Some could evaporate before you mix it in and the temperature will rise as it sits.

Rapid curing

The biggest issue on a hot day is that the heat will evaporate water from the plaster at a much faster rate. As a result it can ruin the curing period, causing the initial and final set to happen sooner. If the evaporation is too quick there won’t be enough time for the material to cure and harden properly. The end result will be cracks.

The tip to prevent this is to keep wetting the surface. A light spray can reduce the amount of moisture that is lost. You can also wet the surface between plaster coatings. On the hottest days when you are working outside, it may also be best to begin by wetting the wall before you apply the very first coat of plaster. It can also be useful to shade the plaster from direct sunlight.


If it is expected to be a very hot day it is best to do the plastering earlier or later. The idea is to avoid the hottest temperatures and more direct sunlight around noon. If you start early you can keep an eye on the plaster and add water if it is drying too quickly. Working later can give the material more time to cure naturally in the cooler temperatures overnight.

Working with the best plasterers in Sheffield

Whether you need plasterwork for inside or outside your property, you can rely on G Lee Plastering. We have a skilful team and know all the tricks of the trade. That means we can offer consistent, high quality solutions.

We are happy to help and give everyone the chance to work with the top plasterers Sheffield has. So, if you have any questions about plastering or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.