Plastering a fireplace

Property owners choose to work with us because we have a long history of providing stellar results. Our people are skilful so they are capable of rendering or plastering any surface they come across. In fact, many consider us to be the greatest plasterers Sheffield has to give.

Energy prices are one thing a lot of people have issues with. The price for gas and electric can force them to look at alternatives. As a result many have chosen classic options like log burning fireplaces. They can be a great way to heat a room and also add a great feature. However, there is one problem that they need to address. We are of course talking about plastering a fireplace.

The first step

Plasterers SheffieldThe starting point here is to render the fireplace. What this will do is give your wall the necessary strength to handle extreme heat from the fire. At the same time, you will have a stable background for finishing. Although, we must make certain that we use the correct products and materials.

Firstly, you will have to bead the fireplace’s edges. Stainless steel render beads are recommended here. They won’t rust and shall have protection against regular water-based paints. They can withstand the pressure and heat from the log burners too.

By far the biggest consideration here however is the render mix you use. This is what is going to provide your fireplace with its strength.

The thing about render though is that everyone you encounter will have their own advice to offer. There may be very different ideas of what mix to use. But truthfully there is no perfect mix here. Of course, there are mixes that have proven to be efficient. Let us know if you need help from the most talented plasterers Sheffield has.

Scratch coat

One proven method is using a scratch coat. This is a layer which, as the name implies, is scratched to provide the coat with a mechanical key. Doing this makes it easier for the next coat to grip, letting you render for the top coat.

Top coat

This step works a bit differently. It is a stage that definitely needs more precision and skill. You must render sticking to the rule of using a straight edge. Afterwards, you must float it using a plastic float with nails hit through the tip. This is what you must use to flatten and float your walls whilst supplying a key. Said key is essentially a way of producing traction for your next material, giving you grip for adhesion.

We provide trustworthy plasterers in Sheffield

At G Lee Plasterers, we always go out of our way to supply clients with high quality services. Having been part of the industry for a long time, we know how difficult it is to find tradesmen you can trust. Fortunately, we make this an easy affair by supplying the most skilful people.

So, when you want to work with the best plasterers Sheffield has, choose us. Please let us know what kind of help you need and we can offer advice and a quote.