Stay on track with your plastering

Finding tradesmen who can meet all of your specifications can be difficult. This is unless you know where to look. Ours are the finest plasterers Sheffield has to give. They have years of experience and are ready for any kind of job. As a result, if you put your trust in them, they’ll reward you with first rate results.

Work stages

There are three principal plastering phases. The first is preparing your plaster and workspace. The second is plastering your wall. Finally, there is the post-project maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or an amateur; there are many ways for things to go wrong during these stages. We’ve designed the following advice to ensure that things remain on track.


Make certain you clean your wall beforehand. Brush away all the dust and dirt from the surface. Walls with surplus grime shall contain bits of dirt that build up when you skim along. This can produce flaws. Clean up and the result should be a smoother, better finish.


Don’t make your plaster mixture too thick. The thicker mixtures are heavier and also trickier to keep flat. Try and give your plaster a consistency similar to thick yoghurt.

Push hard

Do try and push hard. You’ll know your consistency is correct when you can introduce the plaster using firm pressure. Pushing hard is one way of guaranteeing the flatness. Ensure that you don’t work over obstacles you can move though.

Be patient

Plastering can be somewhat mundane. This pushes people to rush through everything. Check that you can actually complete your task first before speeding through. If you rush a bad job the results will be terrible.

Tidy up

Clean your equipment after every job as well. Once plastering mix sets, it’s difficult to get out. If you leave it, the next time you come to use the tools you may have all kinds of problems, including making it tough to get a flat surface.


plasterers SheffieldSee to it that you don’t dry your plaster out for too long whilst smoothing it either. Multiple layers work better because you can get a nicer finish.

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