Preparing a ceiling for plastering

When it comes to plasterers Sheffield has no greater specialist than us. Our people are some of the most dependable in the industry and we offer the best results. Additionally, our services are available for very modest fees. Whenever you need to plaster a surface, we’ll see to it swiftly and efficiently.

Your ceiling’s plaster might require a touch up in time. For example there could be cracks that you have to mend. This is a messy process but not one that anybody should rush through. Before starting the real work, it is vital to prepare the surface.


The first thing to do is sand down any uneven patches. The last thing you want is the faults of your old ceiling carrying over. A quick sand can smooth everything and make the surface pristine.

Clean it

Plasterers SheffieldAfter sanding the next step is tidying up. Your ceiling may be new, but it’s still preferable to follow this step. There’s probably some dust hidden somewhere that will cause issues later. You’ll be happy to hear that cleaning a ceiling is straightforward.

The easiest way to deal with any old cobwebs on the ceiling is to vacuum. Afterwards, a wipe down with a sponge and soapy water will get rid of any remaining dust. Finally, attend to any traces of soap residue. The aim is to get the surface clean and dry.

Remove oil

Anyone who’s plastering an oily surface should use a degreaser. Failing to remove the oil will result in the plaster not setting.


Remember to patch up any holes in your ceiling if there are any so the final coat is even. Make sure there is enough time for the filler to set before adding the plaster.

At G Lee Plastering, our team members use their specialist knowledge to produce excellent results. They know exactly what approach to take to resolve various issues. As a result we are the most flexible and reliable plasterers Sheffield can offer.

We’ve spent more than 30 years helping customers. We plan to continue doing so in the future too. If you would like our assistance, please give us a call.