Artex can be a turn off for potential buyers and renters

Able to complete various forms of work to high standards, we are plasterers Sheffield clients can count on. This includes skimming, patchwork and even updating ceilings.

Artex was a popular choice in the 70s and 80s as it was a way to finish off ceilings without plastering skills. These patterns such as stipples and swirls provided a textured finish that you can find in a lot of older buildings. Now though it dates a property and most people want to remove it.

Many people agree that patterned ceilings are one of the least desirable features to spot in a property. In fact according to a survey by Privilege Home Insurance, artex would put 1 in 5 people off even viewing a property. This shows how you need it gone in order to attract more interested parties.

Despite many people hating the appearance of artex, a lot of them leave it in place. This is because they believe that it is very hard and expensive to remove. The truth though is that with our help, we can leave you with a ceiling that you will love.

A Premier Solution

If you try to DIY a job like this, you will soon discover that it is more complicated than the majority of people expect. It creates a lot of mess and it is easy to make mistakes which are easily noticeable in the end finish. This is why it is important to call in specialists like us.

With work like this, we install plaster board to use as a base. Then the application of bonding plaster creates a smooth surface. We can then add PVA glue to create the perfect finish to paint. See for yourself our first class services and results by contacting us today.

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