What you need to know about plasterboard

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A Useful Material

plasterers SheffieldPlasterboard is very helpful in our industry. By fixing the material to interior solid and stud walls as well as ceilings, it leaves you with a smooth surface that you can skim/paint. You should look to use adhesive when fixing it to a solid wall, and galvanized clout nails or drywall screws for a stud.

Before applying the boards, you should leave the protective plastic coating on to keep them in good condition. In addition, store them on a flat surface somewhere dry to stop warping.

When ready you can cut the boards to the exact size that you need for the job. If you are working with a stud wall, you tend to cut to the middle of the joist or noggin. Alternatively a solid wall means that you should be cutting it to the right size to make the most of the plasterboard that you have.

Using this instead of traditional wet wall techniques can lead to a drastic reduction in the time and cost of the job. There are various characteristics of these boards to match the job at hand. This includes moisture resistant, lightweight and insulated boards in various thicknesses and sizes.

Call In Professional Plasterers in Sheffield

A job like this, or any plastering, takes the right person doing it. You need to be sure that you have the correct materials, tools, knowledge, skill set and practical experience. This will leave you with first class results that last for years to come. To ensure that you get this, you should be looking to an expert for your needs. We can complete various jobs to give you great results first time round.

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