Look after your walls after damp with replastering and rendering

Within the UK there is always a big demand for high quality plastering services. As the plasterers Sheffield enjoys turning to, we know our service can help in a variety of situations.

Dealing With Damp

Once walls have fallen prey to a problem like rising or penetrating damp, they need treating. This includes the removal of the moisture along with a solution to prevent the issue from simply returning. After treatment, plaster should be renewed. The moisture can cause lots of damage and deposit hygroscopic salt. With new plastering you can get a high grade finish whilst also ensuring the wall has the ability to breathe.

In addition to damaging plaster inside the property, moisture could harm the exterior. There may be visible evidence of the damp, including tidemarks and worn brick or masonry. If this is the case you many want to get a new render. The rendering can give you a beautiful clean surface and also provide protection against moisture. Therefore the brick and masonry substrate will last for longer.

It may be that only a section of plaster is suffering from damage. Alternatively it may be a large portion such as an entire floor. Taking on jobs of varying sizes means that we can offer the help you need. This includes looking at what type of plaster you have on your walls. It could be gypsum, lime or cement-based. We will offer something that works seamlessly with what your property already has, therefore ensuring quality results.

The plasterers Sheffield can always depend on

G Lee Plastering is who you can turn to for fantastic workmanship every time. This includes a tidy finish and we also ensure friendly customer care. We are a reliable team and have extensive experience. If there are any challenges with your work, we will find a way to tackle them. In addition we use high quality plaster every time.

If you want to hear from the leading plasterers Sheffield depends on, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our work further and how we can meet your requirements.