The right way to use top coat plaster

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Top coat plastering is not the easiest of jobs. Getting it onto the ceiling or wall isn’t tricky. However, getting it smooth and flat demands a fair amount of effort. Whenever you get it wrong, you’ll have to spend time and money correcting everything. This can set you back quite a bit.

The plaster hardens quickly

The detail that most people are unaware of is that top coat plaster hardens rapidly. The moment you lay on the initial coat, it’s normally ready for you to trowel it up. Skimming, as this practice is also known, is about timing as much as it is anything else. Attempting to obtain a polished finish too late or swiftly can lead to horrible results.

The first thing we suggest doing here is mixing up an eggcup that’s full of top coat plaster. Put it on an off cut of some description. You can prepare one using PVA. Start spreading it out. Make a note of the time it takes to become firm but not hard. It is at this point where you can make the plaster smooth. The trowel marks shall go away as well.

After top coat plaster turns hard, sanding becomes the sole way of smoothing it. This may not be ideal if you have a deadline to keep. Therefore, you must get everything right so it doesn’t get to this.

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