Should I use plastic or metal trowels for plastering?

During recent years, there has been a massive increase in plastic trowel use in the UK’s plastering industry. Also, there is a clear division on what is the better option between plastic and metal. We want to have a closer look at both sides of the argument. Then, if you need help from the best plasterers in Sheffield, you can come to us.

The plastering industry has taken major leaps forward over the years. Today there is a massive array of tools to use and different technology on site. However, for some plasterers, the choice between metal and plastic trowels is clear.

Metal tools

Plasterers SheffieldSteel is the most common material for more traditional tools. Carbon steel is a favourite of many plasterers. However, there are also other options like stainless.

By default, any metal tool here will be more robust than plastic ones. As a result, it is less vulnerable to damage. Normally metal tools do demand more maintenance, but they can last a long time if you look after them correctly.

Despite their reliability and strength, these trowels are usually heavier than plastic ones. This could even influence your capacity to plaster a wall during longer jobs. To give an example, using a metal trowel while plastering for three hours will demand more effort than with a plastic one.

The key thing is you can depend on metal trowels to provide your plastering with consistency. They have done this for decades. Contact our team if you need help from the greatest plasterers Sheffield has.

Plastic tools

These are newer additions to the industry. More flexible and lighter trowels are excellent for those who need tools that are easier on their bodies. In fact, the majority of plasterers that have recently made the switch have done it because of the lighter weight. It can mean less exertion on jobs.

Today, there is a considerable range of plastic trowels on the market. They can meet nearly any need, including skimming, screeding, finishing, and more. If you want to try one out, now is a good time.

Like everything else though, plastic tools have their disadvantages. Since they are not as sturdy as metal, they are more vulnerable to damage. There can be issues when going over beads.

The conclusion

After discussing all this, something is clear. The plastic trowel should not be thought of as a total replacement for the metal trowel yet. These tools have been specifically developed and designed to aid with the finishing of ceilings or walls. Steel is still a great choice for many jobs.

Most plasterers don’t like modifying their tools too frequently. This is particularly true when they have a utensil they’ve become comfortable with. However, it is definitely worth trying a plastic trowel. It may end up suiting your plastering style. Should you like it, your life can become easier on jobs.

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