The right way to plaster old houses

Plastering an older house is a daunting prospect to some. But, it is vital to preserve the charm and integrity of these properties. Many houses from pre-1950 possess original plaster walls. They demand special attention and care with maintenance and repairs. You could be aiming to repair a small crack or fully re-plaster a room. Whatever the case, the information we have will teach you all you need to know here. Plus, you can come to us for services from the best plasterers in Sheffield.

Think about your plaster

Plasterers SheffieldWhen working on an older house, you have to think carefully about the plaster you use. Over time, plastering materials have changed. Old houses could have a different form. One example is lime plasters. They need specific materials and techniques for repairs. By understanding what plaster you have in your house, you can repair things properly. You will avoid extra damage.

Let’s have a closer look at the variety of plaster your home could have. Those built before 1919 tended to use lime for their finishing material. It was still common up to the 1950s. If it has a slight off-white tint, it’s likely lime.

From the 50’s is when gypsum and plasterboard became more prevalent. A pinkish colour usually means there is a plaster bound with gypsum.

An earth-tone shade means there is an earth binder present. This is likely to be clay because it is easily available and cost effective.

If you have a vintage home that’s been re-plastered with modern materials, you may want to switch to lime plaster. The same goes if you are dealing with damp walls. We can provide the best service in both cases, ensuring you get help from the most reliable plasterers in Sheffield.

Historic markings

Whilst renovating an old property, you need to be aware of any historic markings on your plaster. They can offer an insight into the building’s history. You may even get some inspiration for the renovations.

It is essential that you preserve as much of the original plaster as you can. This can mean carefully disposing of damaged areas and patching them. Furthermore, you have to use new materials that match the original as closely as possible.

You must plan properly whenever you deal with an older home. These structures sometimes have plaster ceilings and walls. These are ones that need extra repairs or full re-plastering. Knowing the right time to re-plaster is something people struggle with. Although, you will need to take care of any problems before they become too expensive to rectify. Contact us if you need help from the best plasterers Sheffield has.

How does plaster degradation manifest?

Plasterwork is meant to last indefinitely. When degradation does happen though, it can manifest in several ways. Examples include flaking or crumbling, water damage, stains, separating layers, and cracks. Deterioration like this tends to be more troublesome than it actually is. Repair is often a solution rather than outright replacement.

For any replacement, you should use the same approach as the original. Guaranteeing enough hair or other reinforcement is especially vital when working on flexible substrates. If possible, you should avoid plasterboard. As opposed to classic plaster finishes, it is flat. It can also appear incongruous in period structures, especially those with older ceilings.

As a rule, ceilings aren’t difficult to re-plaster. When necessary, you can replace lathes. They are best secured with screws to lower vibrations. Next, you can apply lime plaster over them, blending with the surrounding exterior seamlessly.

We meet the highest standards when you need plasterers in Sheffield

At G Lee Plastering, we aim to meet the highest standards on all our jobs. This way, we can encourage clients to return and recommend us to others. We’re also prompt and punctual with our work, making sure we do jobs with as little disruption as possible.

So, if you need the foremost plasterers Sheffield has at its disposal, come to us. You can get advice, quotes, and more before you commit to a service.