Venetian plaster is the way forward for storefronts

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Are some renovations in order?

Plasterers SheffieldYou could be looking into renovating your storefront. If so, you might want to consider Venetian plaster. It can offer you a head-turning, luxurious finish that is unique to your brand. What we want to do here is talk about this plaster and its benefits.

Venetian polished plaster is a kind of ornate plastering. With a lime-base, together with shimmering marble dust, the effects it achieves are spectacular. This is also a highly skilled technique. You need considerable creative flair here. Get the plaster right, and you’ll have a finish that is astonishing.

The plaster provides a high degree of choice in design. You can get the most impressive decorative effects with practices like banding and stencilling. Both of these work for brand logos, meaning you can utilise them in storefronts. Venetian plaster can also highlight architectural elements like arches and columns. Or, it can make the feature walls of a retail space stand out, bringing everything to life.

A sophisticated finish

One advantage to this plaster is that it produces a sophisticated, high-end finish with a smooth-to-the-touch feel. The way in which the glimmering marble element catches light. The mirror finish. Venetian plaster is the most alluring thing out there. Speak to us if you need help or advice from the top plasterers Sheffield has.


Another benefit is that the plastering can be bespoke to your brand. Instant recognition is something many brands seek. With polished plaster, you can fully personalise it to work seamlessly with your brand. It could be the incorporation of a logo, stencilling, a design, or a particular colour way. With the correct knowledge and skills, anything is possible.

A healthy solution

Third, the material is a natural substance, one that does not release dangerous volatile organic compounds. It is not the same with some glues, sealants, stains, and paints. Moreover, since this is a lime-base product, it absorbs carbon dioxide effectively. The high pH lime content has fungicidal and antibacterial characteristics as well. As a result, you have a breathable product capable of regulating humidity. It also stops fungal and mould growth.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental policies are vital, particularly for world-leading brands. The great thing about this plaster is that the ingredients are fully naturally derived. They’re free of toxins too. It also has a small carbon footprint. Furthermore, you apply it using a multi-layering technique. The result is layers of insulation and protection. Both are beneficial for saving energy.

A durable finish

Finally, polished plaster is ultra-durable and you can maintain it with ease. This will always be popular in retail. People refer to Venetian plaster as a ‘lifetime finish’. It is one proven to outlive paint finishes by several years. What’s more, it is less prone to cracking and shrinking than cement alternatives.

This is an easy plaster to clean too. Also, if you apply a wax coating, it will repel dust and grime naturally. The breathability here means it dries rapidly. Moisture doesn’t get retained beneath the exterior, helping to safeguard the building’s structure. Since this plaster is free from grout, you don’t need to do much maintenance to keep it looking excellent.

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