Reasons you should be using skim coating

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How does skim coating work?

Skim coating is a wonderful way of making ugly ceilings and walls look new again. Another name for a skim coat would be a level five drywall finish. It is basically a thin layer of diluted joint compound. A plasterer can apply it using a spray rig, paint roller, or their own hands. Afterwards, they smooth everything out using a trowel or drywall knife.

This is a straightforward way of manufacturing uniform and flat surfaces on ceilings and walls. It leaves them in a state where you can then re-texture or paint them. For a consistent and smooth surface, it is best to apply two skim coats at least.

When to use skim coats

Plasterers SheffieldOne of the reasons why you will want this kind of plastering is to deal with the harm wallpaper causes. Removing it can damage the drywall behind it. Such a situation can call for skim coating.

One other time to use it is when you tear off the drywall outer paper and expose the brown paper. Remember that when you do this, you will have to prime the surface using a prime surface sealer prior to skim coating.

You can use the coats for drywall repairs as well. Your project could involve renovating a ceiling or wall. If it does, a skim coat shall supply you with a lovely consistent surface for priming and painting or retexturing. If you need to work with the greatest plasterers Sheffield has, please speak to us.

Old and unappealing surfaces

Skim coating works well for old surfaces too. Wear and tear from pets and inhabitants can leave a lot of marks on walls. The coating has the potential to restore them back to their former glory.

Not to mention, you are free to use skim coating on any unappealing surfaces. You could have an out of date or ugly ceiling/wall texture. If you do, the skim can provide you with a new canvas. It can do so without you needing to tear out your walls to dispose of the texture.

New installs

Finally, skim coating is appropriate for new installations. Any new drywall that won’t have a texture should receive a thin skim coat. This guarantees that you will have a uniform surface to work with. In some cases, when you fail to skim a new drywall, you will be able to see where the paint absorbs into the drywall paper joint compound. It shall leave the tape joints visible, particularly with gloss or semi-gloss paints.

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