The multiple trowels used by plasterers

When you want expert craftsmanship, it is best to choose a company with the right skills and knowledge. We happen to have over three decades of experience in the plastering industry. Our talents include exterior rendering, full ceiling replacement, skimming, and much more. The team completes each job to a high standard and we don’t settle for anything less. This makes us the best plasterers Sheffield has.

There are many important pieces of equipment in the plastering world. At the top of the list, you will find the trowels. There are all sorts of models, each with their own uses. Since there are so many, you must know what they are, when to use them, and at what times. We are going to help you with this by discussing some of the designs below.

Flexible trowels

Plasterers SheffieldFirst, we have flexible trowels. These ones are easy to use, light, and offer an excellent finish. However, they can cause trouble if you use them incorrectly. They are designed for finishing the plaster and nothing more. The purpose is to supply a finish without the pain and stress that comes with a regular trowel.

When someone plasters using a standard, solid plastering trowel, they have a stiff blade. This aids you in flattening and applying the plaster. Yet, once you reach the last trowels, the thicker steel can result in a fair degree of stress on joints. This is because there is not any movement on the blade.

Due to the flexibility of the flexible trowels, the finishing stage for plastering becomes far smoother and easier. Speak to us if you need assistance from the leading plasterers Sheffield has.

Medium flex trowels

Up next is the medium flex plastering trowels. These have a slightly stiffer blade in comparison to the aforementioned flexible ones. You might not think much of this. However, trust us when we say it makes a huge difference. Thanks to the stiffer blade, you are free to use it for several plastering phases.

Standard trowel

Finally, we are going to talk about the standard plastering trowel. The flexible ones we spoke about are brilliant to use and give an outstanding finish. However, to apply and flatten your plaster, you will require a stiff one. The blade should not flex as this will make it harder to get plaster on the walls. As a result it is usually a thicker, stronger, heavier trowel so you can get nice flat walls.

Hire the best plasterers in Sheffield

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