A quick guide on how to patch plaster

Plaster is usually hardwearing but it can suffer damage such as cracks, holes, and missing chunks. Any of these damages can make the surfaces look unattractive. It also makes decorating trickier. Luckily you can patch them up to ensure the surface is smooth and clean. As one of the best plasterers Sheffield has, we would like to look at how you can do this.


Plasterers SheffieldPatching up cracks is a relatively straightforward job. First you should put a dust sheet down so you don’t make a mess on your floor. Then you need to carefully dig out crack, making it so you can’t see where it was originally. This should leave a groove ready to take the new plaster.

Next, carefully clean the groove to make sure there is no dust, and then gently dampen it to help the new plaster stick. Then it is just a case of spreading plaster or filler into the groove and letting it dry. Finish with sanding to smooth it down.


plasterers in SheffieldIt can be quite tricky to fix a hole in plasterboard because there is likely to be a void behind it. That means the new plaster or filler will simply fall down to the base of the wall. Luckily, this is something we can fix for you. This is one of the things that make us the best plasterers Sheffield can offer.

What you need to do here is cut a new piece of plasterboard that is slightly wider than the hole. You can then insert it into the wall and turn it so it covers it. Use a strong adhesive so it stays in place. Then once the adhesive is dry you can use plaster or filler over the top to create a flush surface.

Missing chunks

There are several reasons why you may be missing a chuck of plaster. It may be that a door has blown open and the handle has taken a piece out of the wall. Whatever the cause, it is possible to fill the hole.

The first thing to do here is remove any other loose bits of plaster and clean up dust and debris. Then it is a good idea to use a PVA mix to help the new plaster bond to the wall. Follow this by using a thin coat of plaster, making sure you don’t fill the entire hole right away. Give the plaster a little bit of time to start drying then score the surface. Once that is dry you can do a top coat to fill the rest of the hole and smooth it over. Finish by sanding if necessary.

The top plasterers in Sheffield

Whatever issue you have with plaster, whether it is a wall, a ceiling, or even an exterior, you can rely on us to help. G Lee has a professional team and a lot of experience. As a result we can offer the perfect solutions.

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