Update your Artex ceiling

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One thing people ask of us is to help them with the Artex in their home. It’s common to see, and in some buildings it may be in every single room as well as on a few of the walls! There are lots of people who hate the sight of it. Also, when the texture is especially spiky it can be a hassle to clean too, catching on dusters and ruining them.

Can It Be Done?

Plasterers SheffieldThere are a number of people under the impression that this is a part of the building’s design and you have to live with it. When you contact professionals though, we can help. We will remove it to give you a completely different look that you will love.

Working with precision, the end finish is perfect. We install a plaster board to use as a base. Then, we make a smooth surface with a bonding plaster. After adding a layer of PVA glue, it is ready to paint on. That textured look will be a thing of the past you can forget was there in the first place.

If you’re one of the people that like the appearance of Artex, that’s great. But if you’re fed up of it being in your home, come to the people you can rely on to change that. It may be a common feature to find but that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone.

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