Over-polishing is not beneficial

Our mission is to supply first class plastering to every individual that requires it. Given that we employ the finest plasterers Sheffield has, we are more than prepared to meet all of your specifications. In addition to providing a quality service, we’re also proud to have some of the best prices around.

Essentially, plastering is about the six phases you need to go through from the initial coat to the skin coat. Next, there’s the two respective stages that we call wet and dry trowelling. They aren’t too hard to perform but are challenging to describe. It’s like learning a martial art, as reading alone won’t be sufficient. Someone must show you how everything works. The good news here is that plastering is something you can learn rather rapidly.

There’s no need to over-polish

plasterers SheffieldSaying this however, there is one tip in particular that we tend to give to novice plasterers. We tell them not to over-polish during the final phase. If you follow this advice to the letter, you can obtain a plaster surface so smooth and flat that you’ll be able to polish it until it is smooth like glass. It could even show a minor reflection, but this isn’t something you will want.

The quintessential plaster finish appears and feels to the touch like an eggshell. There is one critical reason for this and it’s that wallpaper and paint shall peel from a very polished facet. Once you find yourself in this scenario, you’ll be in bother. This is because it peels with ease in certain locales and sticks incredibly hard in others. As a result it ends up ruining finishes entirely. If you plan to paint or wallpaper over the surface, be careful with the polish.

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