Plastering fresh walls

It’s our duty to supply you with the most talented plasterers Sheffield has whenever you require them. It might seem like an easy enough undertaking at first, but plastering is something that’s best left in the hands of experts. With years of training behind us, we have what it takes to succeed.

Plastering the walls is a job that finishes the work that had occurred previously. As you may already know, it’s a messy affair, meaning that you’ll either need to cover everything up or remove your possessions from the area. Something else you must consider is your plaster’s water source.

With new builds, you can introduce plaster to the plasterboard directly. During preparation, you should countersink the board’s screw heads and tape the joint between the boards. For crisp finishes around exterior corners, most people use metal angle beads. Afterwards, it’s a simple case of administering a layer of plaster. It’s common for workers to set ceilings prior to operating on the walls.

Blockwork walls

plastering SheffieldIf it’s blockwork walls you’re dealing with, make sure they receive a scratch coat. You must leave this to set and then scratch it using a float with nails. Do this in a swirling manner to obtain a steady key for the following coat. Normally, you would apply this while the original scratch coat is still green but not after it dries out entirely.

Once the plasterer decides that the render is set, they place the topcoat plaster skim finish. This needs to be smooth and free of undulations and trowel marks.

Hiring the finest plasterers in Sheffield

At G Lee Plastering, we use our specialist knowledge means we can meet the high standards that customers expect from us. Our services include a full guarantee, which means we can attend to any repairs efficiently and rapidly. We are the very best plasterers Sheffield has, producing consistent, quality finishes on any kind of wall.

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