Give new life to your building’s exterior

Many people love to change the interior of their home to suit their tastes and update anything that may be getting old. But what about the exterior? Don’t forget about that aspect of your building. Get in touch with some of the highest quality plasterers Sheffield could ask for and discuss how rendering can help.


Pebble dashing may be able to transform the look of your home. Whether you are tired of the way it looks or the age has started to show, it is a perfect solution. It’s cheaper than painting and next to indestructible. Make both a smart and stylish choice.

A fully smooth exterior may also be beneficial for you; it is simple and yet gives a great look. It can help to fill up gaps that look unattractive and improve waterproofing.


Plasterers SheffieldIf you are looking for something to help your building, how about a Tyrolean finish render? It helps protect your property against the elements. It also offers something different that many people love the look of.

With this finish, we use a mixture of cement and silicone. This needs spraying across the surface to create a honeycomb texture. As a result, you can receive something appealing while choosing from a range of colours. We also offer a full damp proofing service to further help you protect your property.

Our Process

Throughout every project we take on, whether large or small, we do our utmost to provide you with the best results. Our expertise and skills allow us to give you whatever you need from us. We have carried out various jobs for the public, domestic and commercial sectors.

You can reach the plasterers Sheffield likes to turn to at 01246 721108. With G Lee Plastering, you can have peace of mind that every job we complete is as great as the last. We will make your property look brand new, ensuring a high quality render.