Give your ceiling new life with plastering

Plastering can get messy as well as complicated. This is why you should be coming to the plasterers Sheffield trusts for every project. We can complete a range of jobs to give outstanding results.

An Amazing Finish

Plasterers SheffieldIs your ceiling starting to show how old your house really is? Cracks and peeling can be very unattractive and distracting once you have noticed them. Issues like these do not get better without repairs and are not something you have to live with. So, refresh it by looking to our plastering services.

We can carry out various kinds of work depending on the condition of your ceiling. This could be anything from minor patchwork to a full replacement. An important thing to remember is that if your ceiling is looking poor because of something damaging it or a leak, you must deal this problem first. If you don’t you will be wasting your time as it will begin to look poor again in no time. It may sound obvious but some people forget this.

For whatever reason your ceiling is beginning to look poor, we can give you something that either looks new or is new. It may be just that your building is getting old and needs a refresh. We will advise you on the best approach to take so that you can have long term quality.

A Thorough Service

To comprehend what work you will need, we can offer you a free quote once we have visited your property. At the end when we have finished, we will even clean up the area where we have been working. It is all a part of our aim to provide high levels of customer care.

Our abilities include completing:

– Plastering and covering
– Reskims and replastering
– Smoothing and patchwork
– Rendering and tyroleaning
– Pebble dashing
– Traditional lime plaster

G Lee Plastering enjoys helping both commercial and domestic sector clients. Our range of services enables us to meet your specifications with premier results. Start working with some of the best plasterers Sheffield has to offer today. Simply contact us to arrange a quote.