Important facts about plasterboard

Our company is home to some of the most talented plasterers Sheffield has. Each plasterer will call on their specialist understanding of the industry in every project. Thanks to this approach, we can obtain first-rate outcomes regardless of how complex the project is.

There are many vital materials we use when plastering, including the all-important plasterboard. This substance allows us to ready stud and solid walls for skimming. This takes a fraction of the time and cost that classic wet wall techniques would. The board comes in an array of thicknesses and sizes to match the scale of the job. Before getting started, you should always talk about the application with the professionals. This way, you can be certain that your board is the best one for the job.

Cut everything down to size

plasterers SheffieldPrior to fixing, you usually cut plasterboard to size. When introducing the boards to stud walls, you typically cut the middle of the noggin or joist. With solid walls, we tend to cut the board to a fitting size. This will enable you to maximise the usage.

If you have to attach the plasterboard to a stud wall, you should use drywall screws or galvanised clout nails. To administer the material to a solid wall, employ specialist adhesive in conjunction with the dot and dab technique.

Sometimes, the situation asks that you apply plasterboard to a ceiling. In this case, you’ll need a “dead man” or “third arm”. This will hold the board in position while you fasten it to the joists.

At G Lee Plastering, we provide brilliant results alongside some of the most competitive prices available. In addition, we aim to cause as little disruption as possible. We’ve adopted this approach because we believe it will inspire customers to return to us in the future. It also makes us one of the top teams for plasterers Sheffield has.

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