A damp proofing course can quickly deal with damp

When high levels of moisture develop, it can lead to serious issues in and around the home. A damp presence in a property not only poses health risks to the inhabitants, it can also cause extensive damage. Once water and moisture have penetrated a property, the threat of damp becomes real. However a professional damp proofing course from plasterers in Sheffield can offer the ideal preventative solution.

Don’t let damp destroy your property

Visible signs of mould on your internal walls, along with walls that feel wet and cold to the touch are indicators of damp. If you do notice any signs of damp, it is advisable to have them inspected right away. This ensures early detection and allows you to tackle the problem before it gets any worse.

plasterers SheffieldPenetrating damp can be caused by many factors such as a broken pipe. Other potential causes include a leaky roof, a blocked drainpipe or the level of ground outside your property. If you have a basement with damp problems, you may need a cementitious tanking. This involves sealing the inside of the basement with cement. This serves to prevent damp from penetrating your walls from outside.

The damp with condensation as the cause is easy to spot. It is typically a result of insufficient ventilation and can present as mould in the bathroom or kitchen. Rising damp is the most challenging and complex form of damp to deal with. It can result from leaking pipes or previous damp problems that have caused water to pool at the base of the wall.

A damp proofing course blocks moisture from entering the building. It involves applying a layer of plastic damp proofing material between the bricks near to ground level. This will help stop damp rising up through the walls. The walls are then specially plastered to ensure they stay dry inside and out.

If you suspect there is damp present in your property, get in touch with our team of plasterers in Sheffield for an effective solution. We specialise in an extensive range of plastering services, and we have a wide domestic and commercial customer base.

Work with the finest plasterers Sheffield has

In addition to comprehensive damp proofing courses, we can carry out all kinds of internal plastering work. This includes skimming, plaster board installation and complete ceiling replacement. We assure our clients of our excellent standards of workmanship and high quality finishes. Our team of skilled and experienced plasterers use only the finest materials and we even guarantee our work. So, make us your first port of call when your property is suffering from damp issues.