Make sure your ceiling complements your decor

The ceilings are just as important as the walls and floors when it comes to your home decor. Whether you’re giving a tired-looking room a makeover or are decorating a brand new build or extension, pay attention. As experienced plasterers in Sheffield, we have helped many homeowners to transform the look and feel of their home by carrying out plastering work on their ceilings.

While ceilings don’t face the same level of wear and tear as floors or walls, their quality and condition can still fade over time. They may become cracked or suffer from water damage. In these kinds of cases, professional plasterers like our team can freshen them up and repair them. We will ensure they look their very best once again.

Want Artex gone? No Worries

Many properties also have Artex on the ceilings and want to remove it in favour of a smoother, more modern effect. Artex removal is a complex and difficult job if you’re doing it by yourself. But, by using the skills of a professional team, the work becomes much quicker and easier. If you’re tired of your old fashioned ceilings, we can take care of it for you. We offer the quality plastering service you need to give the room a brand new finish.

Help from first rate plasterers in Sheffield

Plasterers SheffieldWhen you’re at home, why not take a few moments to look up and inspect the condition of your ceiling? If it seems to be a little off colour, features a few cracks or has unwanted patterns swirled into the plaster, it could very well be time to call us to discuss what can be done about it. Our high quality, professional work has a very lengthy lifespan. This removes the requirement for frequent replastering and giving you many years of enjoyment from your newly plastered ceiling. With our expert skills and competitive pricing, you’ll soon have perfect ceilings that complement the rest of your home.