Maintaining your plasterwork this winter

You can find plaster on both the interior and exterior of properties. The material is great for protecting substrates and give surfaces a smooth, even finish. It can also be highly decorative and feature all kinds of unique, attractive patterns. This is particularly popular when the material is used on ceilings. We can help with this through our work as the plasterers Sheffield regularly relies on.

Care for your property

plasterers SheffieldIf you have plastered surfaces in your property, the important thing to keep in mind is that they need to be managed carefully. This is vital if you want to keep them looking the best. Over time the material may become worn and cracks and holes can develop. These need repairing as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will gradually worsen and you may eventually need to have the whole surface re-plastered.

It is even more crucial to be proactive with maintaining and repairing plasterwork in the winter. The colder weather can cause it dry out, making it more brittle in damaged areas. It is also important to be aware of the damage that condensation can have on the material. Try to avoid allowing temperatures to fluctuate too wildly in your home. The reason for this is this can lead to condensation and even mould developing on the surface.

Call on reputable plasterers in Sheffield

If you do need to replace plaster in winter, whether it is patching up small cracks or replacing a whole wall, the material may take longer to cure because of the cold. You should try to keep the room around 15 degrees Celsius before, during and after the work. This is so that the plaster can set properly. It is also wise to ensure that there is minimal moisture in the air. To achieve top notch results, it is always advisable to use the services of professional plasterers.

Our plasterers in Sheffield have over thirty years of experience. We offer the highest standards of service to each and every client we work with. Our team are all highly trained and apply their knowledge and skills to ensure they deliver the highest quality finish every time. They do this no matter how challenging the job or what time of year it is. We understand the additional stress that winter can put on plasterwork. We can be on hand to offer expert advice and a full range of services to fix any problems so get in contact with us today.