Is your render cracked?

Many people find that they are unable to do their plastering work by themselves. They either lack the experience or simply don’t have any time on their hands. The best solution is to contact our team. It includes some of the foremost plasters Sheffield has to offer. As a result, we can ensure every client gets a great service.

Rendering, also called exterior plastering, can protect a property in two ways. To begin with, it insulates against extreme heat or cold. In addition, it weatherproofs the masonry. It supplies a protective layer to make sure your walls stay durable and dry. However cracks in the render can cause issues. For example it increases the risk of crumbling and damp brickwork.

Foundation movements

Plasterers SheffieldCracks are typically caused by minor movements in the building’s foundations. These are entirely normal. Cold spells cause them when the ground contracts. In addition, they happen during hot periods when the ground expands. The slight movement leads to hairline cracks in the render.

Cement renders have a habit of being weaker to cracking than lime ones. They usually breathe with the house.

The potholes you find on a road begin as hairline cracks. However water enters them, freezes, and causes the crack to expand. At some point, chunks crumble and fall away. It is possible for the same to occur with render. Big patches and cracks where the rendering has fallen away do look ugly. However, the aesthetics are not the main issue here.

The trouble with water

Cracks in render enable water to get inside. This then gets trapped between the brickwork and rendering. If you leave it unchecked, the moisture can soak into your interior brickwork. The result is penetrating damp.

There are several signs to be on the lookout for that tell you this could be the situation. One sign is black mould on certain areas of your wall. Another is damp patches that become worse when the weather gets wet. A third sign would be the plaster work feeling damp to the touch. It could also crumble. There may even be a damp odour in your property.

The ideal time to tackle this issue would be the first time you spot hairline cracks. In this situation, it would be in your best interest to contact us. The reason why is that we can diagnose and rectify the problem. Hairline cracks are not difficult to handle. We can seal them securely to guarantee that the moisture won’t get between the walls and render.

Expert plasterers in Sheffield to work on rendering

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