Advice on plastering for period properties

When they are in need of plasterers, Sheffield property owners know they can rely on us. From exterior walls to ceilings, we are capable of working on any surface. No matter what project we are working on however, we always set the highest standards.

You may be the owner of a period property that is preparing for a renovation. This could be for one room or the whole thing. If so, then you may have many questions, especially about plastering. Luckily, we can help.

Original plaster is beneficial for old buildings

Plasterers SheffieldThe thing about gypsum plaster and contemporary cement based mixes is that they are non-breathable, inflexible, and hard. As for classic clay and lime plasters, they have a characterful, soft appearance, are breathable, and are flexible.

The breathability of ceiling and wall finishes is a critical issue in period houses. Daub, stone and ancient wattle, and old brick walls all depend on the moisture having the ability to evaporate through them. This aids you in stopping condensation and damp.

Many of the issues with old plasterwork are ones you can fix with ease. However, too often people choose the wrong materials and methods. This can lock the moisture in the wall. The result is decay and general damage. If you need help from the best plasterers Sheffield has, please contact us.

The building’s history

We have another fact about original plasterwork. It might hold captivating evidence that relates to the history of the structure. For instance, there could be traces of historic decorative schemes. Look for wall paintings in pre-Georgian homes too. Early plaster layers could have been finished with them.


The idea is for plasterwork to last a very ling time. However, it is entirely possible for deterioration to happen. This tends to look worse than it actually is, and repair over replacement is a choice you can often make.

Where necessary, any replacement typically has the same number of coats and material. Sufficient hair or similar reinforcement is essential on flexible surfaces. Normally, ceilings are not hard to replaster. Where you can replace laths, you are better off fixing them using screws to prevent vibrations. Afterwards, you apply lime plaster over them and match it in with the surrounding exterior.

Plasterers in Sheffield to take care of all your issues

At G Lee Plastering, we have been in business for more than three decades. As a result, we have all the experience to do excellent work. Using our vast array of skills, we can deal with any issues you might have. We can do so for domestic and commercial properties.

So, if you would like the help of the finest plasterers Sheffield can offer, get in touch with our team. We can offer advice, quotes, and great services.