Artex is a feature you don’t have to put up with

Back in the 70s and 80s, a lot of people had Artex in their homes and it was very popular for ceilings. Nowadays you can still see swirls and plaster dimples in many properties. While there are homeowners who like having this on their ceiling, there are many who would love the opportunity to get rid of it. This is work we have experience helping people with. It is one of the things that make us the first plasterers in Sheffield you should call for a great service.

Guidance for dealing with Artex

Plasterers SheffieldWhen you have Artex in your property, there are a few different options for dealing with it. You can have a professional remove it, however this can be tough to do and might take a fair bit of work. Alternatively, a false ceiling of drylining plasterboard works well on top of stippled or dimpled Artex. While your ceiling will be a little lower, you will get a smooth surface.

There is also the option of scraping and skimming the surface. This is a better option you can usually do when you have swirls and not dimples on your ceiling. Once scraped, PVA glue can be added along with a skim coat of plaster.

Health concerns

Before 1999, it was common for people to add asbestos to Artex. The reason is that it provided texture so that people could create patterns. However, there is now a ban on using it because of the hazards.

It is crucial that you learn whether there is asbestos in your property. If it is, removal must be left to licensed specialists. This ensures the work is safe and won’t harm your health. It is worth noting that if you have untouched asbestos in your property, it is not a hazard.

Professional plasterers in Sheffield

When it comes to dealing with Artex in a home, you have to work with reputable specialists you know will do a great job. G Lee Plastering always takes the time to assess your property and needs to ensure we do the best work possible.

So, contact us to speak to some of the finest plasterers Sheffield has. We can discuss your needs with you and then talk about our work in more detail.