Avoid outdated plaster, airborne irritants, and the wrong tools

When they need plasterers, Sheffield property owners know they should speak to us. Our company has a reputation for providing first rate results for some of the best prices. Thanks to our experience and skill, we are more than capable of rendering or plastering any surface that comes our way.

It is possible for mistakes to happen when someone takes on this kind of work. There are the smaller errors and the larger complications that can become very troublesome. Below are some of the most important things to avoid if you want to reduce the risk of a problem.

Out of date plaster

Plasterers SheffieldUsing a bag of plaster you had left over from another job might be tempting. However, the material might be out of date. This can change how the finish turns out. There could be some wriggle room in this situation but it is not really worth the risk.

It is not unheard of for old plaster to mix up and apply without issue. However, when it begins drying, it can turn hard and lumpy, not smooth. Furthermore, it dries much more rapidly. This makes it trickier to work with when you are applying multiple coats.

If you use out of date plaster, you might find yourself scraping everything off. You will need to reapply a new mix afterwards. Therefore, it is always worth it to purchase a new bag and use that in the first place. If you require help from the top plasterers Sheffield has, contact our team.


Using the wrong tools can also be problematic. Inappropriate or cheap utensils can have a considerable impact on how your plastering appears at the end. There is a saying that a person should never blame their tools. However, when we are talking about a smooth finish on plastered walls, you actually can blame them. Investing more into your tool collection rather than going for the cheapest options can make all the difference. You will find your efforts lasting longer.

Don’t let the irritants bother you

Airborne irritants lead to trouble too. When you constantly work with plaster, getting complacent with things becomes easy. Examples include ventilation equipment and appropriate workwear. However, you need to keep properly equipping yourself when you have a job to do. Airborne irritants like flying particles can negatively affect your health.

Plasterers might also be at risk from asbestos. They may not be drilling into ceilings, but they do often work alongside other builders. As a result, you should take steps to remove any asbestos that is present.

Contact us for quality plasterers in Sheffield

At G Lee Plastering, we aim for a quality finish on every project. As a result, we have built up a rather diverse client base. Every project is unique and helps us to keep expanding our skills and knowledge.

So, if your situation calls for the most skilful plasterers Sheffield has, please let us know. We can give you a quote for any kind of job, from a simple reskim to replastering a whole exterior or interior.