Classic or machine spray rendering?

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There are many rendering methods out there, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We want to look at two of the options here; traditional rendering and machine spray render. You should have a better idea of which form is ideal for your circumstances after reading this.

The classic approach

Plasterers SheffieldTraditional rendering has existed for a long time. This has made it a popular method for home construction. It enables you to manoeuvre around the position of wall features, eaves, windows, and shingles easily. The render provides the finishing prior to painting.

Taking the time rendering by hand with a classic brush ensures that the render mix will go to the exact areas that need it. Additionally, it means that the final structure looks excellent with less effort. By taking the necessary steps to prepare each exterior, there is also less of a chance of creating blotches or spots that need a touch up. If you require help from the most talented plasterers Sheffield has, you are welcome to contact us.

A more mechanical strategy

Then there is machine spray render. Such renders are a great option if you need blanked finishes and speed. They make use of a mechanism capable of mixing the plaster to the right consistency. The plasterer can then apply it via a pressurised nozzle.

You are able to render wall sections much more quickly here if you compare to rendering by hand. Usually, it is critical to lower disruption during the day. In these kinds of scenarios, utilising the machine spray approach can be advantageous to you.

One other advantage here is that the selected finished colour is supplied with the render. In other words, no painting work is necessary. This cuts down on the project time and reduces labour.

Plasterers in Sheffield to work on any surface

At G Lee Plastering, we have the means to plaster or render any surface you need us to. This includes exterior walls and interior ceilings. We make certain our services are high in quality to guarantee that you receive the best value. Our work has given us a diverse client base, and we get many new clients via recommendations.

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