It is important to remember water to plaster ratio and consistency

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Normal consistency

Plasterers SheffieldWith any gypsum plaster, you need to get the consistency right. What that means is you need to use enough water and plaster to ensure the final mix is fluid enough but not overly so. For instance, a mix of 1kg water to 1.5kg of gypsum plaster is one you can express as 2:3 ratio. This can transform into 67:100 so is sometimes expressed by the number 67 by itself.

The number relates to the level of water per 100 parts of plaster. Since this is the case, the greater the consistency number, the more fluid your mix shall become. When you use less water, the mix becomes less fluid. Here, the period of plasticity and setting time for the mix are comparatively short. When you use more water and minimise the density mix, the setting time becomes longer. Contact us if you need help from the top plasterers Sheffield has.

Compressive strength and hardness

Consistency not only influences the time to set; it also has a bearing on the plaster’s compressive strength and hardness. In turn, this correlates closely to useful life and breakage resistance.

The greater the consistency number, the weaker and softer the final result. Plaster ends up becoming solid due to the formation of gypsum crystals that are tightly interlaced. As you add more water, the crystals push apart further, creating a weaker structure.


It is also vital to remember the water-to-plaster ratio in another respect. When you are mixing the correct proportions, the gypsum plaster reaches a creamy condition gradually. Once it reaches the opaque state, it is effectively ready to pour.

You can be misled however if the ratio strays too much. If you have too much plaster, the mix shall seem opaque and creamy in a much shorter time. When you pour it though, it will sit with water on the exterior. It will then take more time to set. As such, you must be careful here.

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