How skimming is different and where it is appropriate to use

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We use the word plastering in the trade to refer to multiple forms of work. This includes coving, traditional plastering, and plaster skimming. The latter is one of the various practices that our people will apply when it is suitable for the particular job. What we are going to do here is provide a bit more info about it, looking at where it is useful and the materials we need.

The difference with skimming

Plasterers SheffieldStandard plastering demands that you apply layers of plaster to acquire a perfectly smooth exterior. Skimming only utilises one thin coat to create a paint-ready surface. It is a far quicker technique and you don’t have to wait for numerous coats to dry. Let us know if you require the assistance of the most talented plasterers Sheffield has.

Skimming is something you can use for finishing and smoothing walls. However, you are unable to use it for filling in holes or levelling walls. Therefore, if you have an existing wall that you need to freshen up, skimming is ideal. It is the same if you have a dry lining surface that you need to finish.

When you have joints within drywall that you must smooth over, a skim plasterer shall utilise scrim or hessian. Afterwards, they will skim plaster the whole wall. What you will end up with is a smooth surface with an excellent finish.

The materials

As for the materials you need to use, your skim coating needs to ideally be 3mm in depth. This demands the application of a finishing plaster that dries to a smooth finish.

Like with any other material, you have a necessary drying time before you can paint your surface. With skimming, it is wise to wait one or two days prior to sanding the exterior and adding paint.

Why do it?

If you are still wondering why you should bother with plaster skimming, it creates a great looking exterior. This is one that can cover blemishes or hairline cracks on your original surface.

There are several other benefits to using it too. Durability is a good example, as skimming enhances the longevity and strength of your walls. Another notable one is sound insulation. By adding a plaster layer, you are improving your room’s acoustics and sound insulation properties.

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