Tips for plastering over brick

Plastering can be the perfect way to finish various surfaces inside and outside a home. It creates an attractive top layer or a smooth surface to then add paint to or paper over. If you want the best finish, we can help. G Lee has the top plasterers Sheffield clients can ask to work with. We deliver excellent results and offer guarantees on our work.

Brick walls

One of the trickiest surfaces to deal with when you are plastering is bare brick walls. You can see them in a number of properties. In fact, they are quite common where people are going for an industrial design or minimalism. You need to take care when you deal with them to ensure that the plaster will adhere properly. In addition, you have to think about how to get the finish even and smooth.

How to plaster over brick

Plasterers SheffieldThere are a few steps here that are the same when you plaster any other surface. For example you need to make sure the area is clean, dry, and properly prepared. You also need to make sure you cover up floors and furnishings so you don’t get dust all over them.

One of the most important stages during the prep is to check for any broken bricks or masonry. If any is crumbling it will cause problems with the plaster. Therefore, you need to remove it. This should be possible if you scrub it gently. Just be careful not to use too much water.

The first big difference is you will likely need to add a bonding coat plaster to the bricks. The idea is this creates a better surface for you to add the next layer to. Best practice here is to add the bonding coat, wait an hour or so for it to dry, and then move on to the next stage.

Like other plastering jobs what you may need to do is go over the surface a few times as it dries. This can help to make sure the finish is smooth and even. It also means you can take care of any small depressions.

Working with top plasterers in Sheffield

G Lee sets very high standards on every single plastering job. Our goal is to ensure that the client is 100% happy with our work. To achieve this we use quality plaster and professional techniques. We also rely on our extensive experience.

If you have bare brick walls inside your home that you would like plastering, or want to reskim other surfaces, we are happy to help. We can give you a quote and, if you are happy to proceed, will send some of the most reliable plasterers Sheffield can offer to your property. Simply contact us today and let us know what you need.