How does machine plastering differ from traditional methods?

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How often do people think about the plaster underneath the paint or paper on walls? To guarantee a smooth wall for these finishes, the plasterwork needs to be right. Most people will choose traditional hand techniques for this. However, it is also possible to go for machine plastering. It offers some advantages but is not always the right option. We will take a closer look at it below.


Plasterers SheffieldThe first difference to note between the two has to do with speed. A standard plastering job means that the tradesman need to mix their plaster and apply it to the wall using a trowel and hawk. Prior to this, the tradesman must prep the surface. It is a vital step as dust and debris can ruin the new plasterwork. When you apply the plaster, you have to do the job swiftly enough so that it dries evenly. However, you can’t rush it so much that you produce an uneven wall.

When you use a machine, the wall’s prep time is roughly the same since this is an essential part of the work. For everything else though, things are different. The machine produces the plaster mix at a fixed consistency and does so steadily. Then, it sprays it on your wall. You can do the job lightly enough that you don’t have to go over anything with a finishing trowel. As a result the project can take less time to finish.

A drawback

The thing to keep in mind here is that you are relying on the plastering machine to mix the plaster and then apply it to the wall. However, if you have a poor quality piece of equipment, the plasterwork won’t be good. It also offers you less variation than an expert plasterer can. Keep in mind that the machine aims for consistency and uniformity rather than quality.

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